Installation guide


The installation steps assume that you have the following things installed:

Python 2.7

Python 3.0 support is coming soon.


Our library requires cblas headers to compile. Ubuntu comes with two options:

  • OpenBLAS:

    sudo apt-get install libopenblas-base  libopenblas-dev
  • ATLAS:

    sudo apt-get install libatlas3gf-base libatlas-dev

The choice of BLAS library influences greatly the speed of the training. We recommend using OpenBLAS as it proved to be faster than ATLAS by 4x. In case, you want to compile your own OpenBLAS or switch between the two libraries, we compiled a list of useful commands for that purpose in this Tutorial.


Cython is optional but recommended.

Installing Polyglot2

Download the source from

Install by using the following command:

python install

You are all set !